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Your Visit

Do you know what to expect when you attend your initial visit to physical therapy?

Well, here at Paradigm Physical Therapy & Wellness, you’ll get a one-hour evaluation. This includes listening to you about your pain and limitation. Then we provide a comprehensive evaluation of special tests and measurements to get to the source of your pain.

We will then help you to educate you to understand your problem. Your PT will then give you a home exercise program catered to your diagnosis. This may include stretches, strengthening exercises and range of motion activities. On your follow up treatment, you may get hands on treatment modalities such as heat, cold or eStem and start with the use of our state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

We will guide you and progress you through the entire process. In the end you will have a program to continue for long term care and prevention.

So, if you are having pain ask your doctor for a referral for physical therapy so we can assist you on your road to recovery.

Did you know, you have the choice where to receive your physical therapy?

Did you know that when your doctor refers you for Physical Therapy, you have a choice of where to attend?

So why travel the extra miles when Paradigm has State of the art facilities with excellent physical therapists near you.

Paradigm Physical Therapy and Wellness has 3 convenient locations to serve you. Los Lunas, Belen and in the South Valley at Las Estancias at Coors and Rio Bravo. We have COVID safe processes in place for your welfare.

We are equipped and trained at the highest levels to treat most orthopedic issues and pain.

So give us a call to schedule an appointment.