Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) are a collection of tests that are used to identify a person’s current safe work capacity. Patient’s will be asked to perform a range of physical activities that will include sitting, standing, walking, climbing, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, handling, reaching, squatting, crouching, kneeling, turning, crawling and work simulation.

Who needs an FCE?
• Patients who need clarification on whether they are safe performing a specific job.
• Injured workers who are returning to work and need objective data on what work restrictions they may need.
• To assist a physician to make a recommendation for rehabilitation needs.
• Assist a physician with impairment/disability determination.

What to bring and wear?
Bring a job description for the job you are being assessed on. If appropriate, bring work equipment that could be used during work simulation. You may bring a snack and drink as we will normally have a 10 minute break half way through the evaluation. Wear clothes and footwear that they would normally wear at work or feel comfortable exercising in.

How long is the FCE?
The evaluation lasts approximately 4 ‐5 hours.  The main reason they are so long is to assess a person’s capacity for an 8 hour work day.  Patient responsibility The patient will be asked to provide their best effort to a level that they could sustain on a daily basis.

FCE’s are covered by work comp insurance, motor vehicle and some private insurance. Occasionally, Vocational Rehabilitation, employers or lawyers will pay for an FCE.  

Scheduling an FCE
Phone, fax or email your request for an FCE to the numbers listed below. Request should include; physician referral, recent medical notes, patient contact and billing information