We are proud to announce the opening of our 4th clinic in the South Valley.

3900 Las Estancias Ct. S.W. Suite 102

Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: 505-207-2344

Fax: 505-207-2346

  • Functional Flexibility

    Functional Flexibility

    Be able to move without restriction.

    Functional flexibility means having the extensibility in your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments necessary to perform your activities of daily living. As our society has evolved, we have adapted the ways that we position ourselves throughout the day that tends to result in decreased flexibility of these structures.

  • Functional Stability

    Functional Stability

    Be able to utilize internal support.

    Functional stability means having the muscle strength and joint integrity to maintain upright positioning during your normal activities. Your normal activities may not only include daily activities like showering, dressing, and walking but may also include other pursuits, such as golf, hiking, and bicycling.

  • Functional Mobility

    Functional Mobility

    Be able to move with confidence.

    Functional mobility combines flexibility and stability to create an interconnected system that is capable of higher level motor functioning like walking, transferring in and out of vehicles, and ascending or descending stairs. Functional mobility is very important for timely performance of activities of daily living.

  • Functional Ability

    Functional Ability

    Live an active lifestyle once again.

    Functional ability means being able to do the things that you want to be able to do. It means not having to avoid activities because of pain or fear. At Paradigm Physical Therapy we help you to recover your functional ability or at the very least to be able to provide you with suggestions for activity modification.


Our Mission:hire_pt_vertical_button

Paradigm Physical Therapy and Wellness aims to provide the most comprehensive physical therapy care in a fun and healing environment while delivering professional, quality service with the highest commitment to patient care and well-being.

Our evaluations assess the whole body by looking at the involved structures as related to neurophysiology, posture, biomechanics, muscle function, and movement patterns.

Our treatments center on specific training and manual facilitation to restore proper movement and function through muscular adaptation and neural control.